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Welcome to SSV Sahu Nidhi Ltd.

The Company SSV Sahu Nidhi Ltd is authorized by its laws to accept deposits from the members under different schemes, from saving account to terms deposits like Daily Deposits, Monthly Deposits and Yearly Deposit and Fixed Deposits. The deposit schemes are designed to deliver maximum value to its members, offering attractive rate of interest along with over benefits.

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Why SSV Sahu Nidhi Ltd.

We Have Many Schemes for Investments for Childs, Males, Females, Teenagers, Working/Non Working People, Retired People. Employed/ Self Employed Etc. We Have Small & Big Schemes for Saving Money. We are Also With our Members on his Any Occasionally URGENT Need of Fund with Nominal Interest. No More Paper Work , No Guarantor. Flexible Deposits & Loan Schemes. Unlimited Withdraw & Deposit in Your Saving Account Without Any Delay or Charges. Prospective Future.

Savings Accounts.


A savings account is an interest-bearing deposit account held at a bank or another financial institution that provides a modest interest rate. Banks or financial institutions may limit the number of withdrawals you can make from your savings account each month, and they may charge fees unless you maintain a certain average monthly balance in the account.

Recurring Deposit Interest Rates.

The interest rates on RDs depend on which category you fall under and your choice between different banks. Senior citizens earn a higher rate of interest when compared to regular citizens. There are schemes offered to minors, students and parents to save for the children. These schemes may carry higher rates of interest.r

Bank Fixed Deposit: Interest Rates

Get the complete details about SBI Fixed deposit interest rates, year plan, features and schemes. Just visit Policybazaar.com and know about State Bank of India F.D. details with min. & max. Amount to open FD.

Gold Loans

Why go for Personal or Business loans when you have the power of gold with you! Get a loan against your gold, in minutes! Loans up to Rs.1.5 Crore. Draw instant Cash by pledging your Gold Ornaments and Jewellery.

Our Partners

Our Directors

Mr. Veeraj Sahu

Mr. Veeraj Sahu is well known personality in lucknow and other districts. Pursued Bachelor of Law (LLB) and having a deep knowledge of Law. Now he has decided to serve the nation and his near and dears by Banking as a little and well growing system of The Government as “Nidhi Company”.

Mr. Shailendra Bahadur Singh

Mr. Shailendra Bahadur Singh is a well known face of Finance Industry since 2007. B.Com Graduate, MBA in Finance, Pursued Bachelor of Law (LLB) and having a deep knowledge of Finance Industry & Stock Market (Reg. In SEBI). Worked with many corporate companies of Finance

Mr. Vikas Sahu

Mr. Vikas Sahu is young and dynamic personality and younger brother of Shri. Veeraj Sahu. Pursued Bachelor of Law (LLB) and having a deep knowledge of Law. Worked with many Government Tenders As well as he helps to his elder brother in his old business of Real State & Others.


Upcoming Startup

These are our upcoming areas where we will work.

Stock Market

Decide how you want to invest in stocks. There are several ways to approach stock investing.



Choose & Upload Your Products to Buy/Sell Online in Local Market.


Real Estate

Real Estate sector in India is expected to reach Trillions by 2030.